1. Caroline Profanter
    Brussels, Belgium
  2. Will Guthrie
    Nantes, France
  3. Bitchin Bajas
    Chicago, Illinois
  4. Atsuko Hatano
    Tokyo, Japan
  5. IhearU - Gaël Segalen
  6. Native Instrument
    Berlin, Germany
  7. Le fruit vert
    Montreal, Québec
  9. Aki Onda
    Mito, Japan
  10. Senyawa (Official)
    Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  11. David Rosenboom
    Los Angeles, California
  12. Roxane Métayer
    Brussels, Belgium
  13. TOMAGA
    London, UK
  14. 75 Dollar Bill
    New York, New York
  15. oyamao
    London, UK
  16. Sana Shenai
    Los Angeles, California
  17. Eric Copeland
    Brooklyn, New York
  18. Christophe Clébard
    Brussels, Belgium
  19. Ben Bertrand
    Brussels, Belgium


les albums claus City Of Brussels, Belgium

each release has not only a musical importance, but the object itself contains as much value as its contents - wether this is a vinyl box, flexi disc, book or postcard. Each publication consists of at least one object with a proper artistic finality, blurring the lines between music, sound, visual and conceptual art. ... more

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